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ABI 310 DNA Sequencer - Genetic Analyzer

with all accessories.

-we can install the sequencer in your lab
-we can train you in using the machine
-we can help you with troubleshooting
-call us in case you have questions:
Germany mobile phone: 0173 6435 48 3 or in my DNA paternity testing laboratory in Germany under: +49 (0)551 50072999

or just send an email to:


besides ABI310 we also sell used: 3100, 3130, 3730 sequencers

Do not hesitate to answer any question.
We ship to any country, even with service of installing the sequencer in your lab! We also exchange an old laser.



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Telephone number in my DNA laboratory in Giessen:
+49 (0)551 500 72 999

My DNA laboratory offers a professional